The Bankruptcy Process

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Attorney Scott F. Humble knows that going through the bankruptcy process is emotionally draining. You do not have to go through it alone. We intend to make your experience as stress-free as possible, and we will help you every step of the way. Bankruptcy laws are in place to help those who follow the rules. Our attorneys can advise you on every option available so you can receive the maximum advantages from these laws.
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The first step is to choose between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.
These two basic options are available to consumers. Chapter 7 rids you of any unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills, while Chapter 13 protects non-exempt properties and stops foreclosures and repossessions. Chapter 13 requires that you have stable income so that you can qualify for a repayment plan. Some law firms do not offer the Chapter 13 option because of the extensive office administration necessary, but Attorney Scott F. Humble always offers you this choice so that you are well aware of your options. Call us today to set up your initial consultation so you can discuss these options more in greater depth!
Bankruptcy Proceedings:
  • Proceedings begin with the filing of bankruptcy forms (a bankruptcy petition) at the federal courthouse. We must disclose all of your property, regardless of whether you wish to keep it.
  • The forms are comprehensive and include thorough lists of your income sources, property, debts, and living expenses.
  • About one to two months after filing, a meeting of your creditors will take place.
  • You will be required to appear at this meeting with your records.
  • Although most creditors do not attend, those who do can question you about your income, property, and debts.
  • The main purpose of this questioning is to confirm that the information in your bankruptcy forms is correct and complete.
Attorney Humble will serve as your advocate when dealing with the judge, trustee, and creditors, and he will prepare your bankruptcy forms and attend all meetings to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Let Our Bankruptcy Attorney Start Handling Creditors

Attorney Scott Humble is available to deal with creditors before, during, and after bankruptcy proceedings. He will ensure you do not accept any harassment from them. While you have a bankruptcy attorney, bill collectors are allowed to be in contact only with us. If you have been contacted by a creditor, consult the attorneys at Humble Law Office to ensure you don’t have to pay an old bill that was discharged by bankruptcy proceedings.
Working with your appointed trustee
The bankruptcy court will appoint a trustee for your case shortly after bankruptcy forms are filed. In a Chapter 7, the role of the trustee is to sell your unprotected property and distribute the proceeds to your creditors. The trustee can also set aside preferential transfers and/or fraudulent transfers made to creditors or others within 90 days to seven years prior to the bankruptcy proceedings. The trustee will also determine which items of your property are exempt from sale to pay your debts.

In Chapter 13, the trustee coordinates the arrangements between you and your creditors. The trustee collects payments from you to distribute to your creditors.
Keep your property and gain a fresh start.
Scott Humble ESQ excels at keeping the property you wish to save at the lowest overall cost. After the proceedings have ended, you can have a fresh start. You will no longer be harassed by creditors, as they can no longer collect discharged debts. Establish your credit once more by making payments on time, and you should be able to obtain a mortgage in the future.

Contact us today to sort through your bankruptcy options! The sooner we begin, the better we can serve you and protect as much of your property as possible.
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