Consumer Credit Counseling

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Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC), for the most part, does not work. They cannot get any better results than you can by calling your creditors directly. Many times, they charge fees even though they claim to be "not for profit." Furthermore, they get "kick-backs" from your creditors every time you pay. We can't tell you how many times clients, after paying thousands and thousands of dollars in CCC and not getting anywhere, finally come to see our attorneys for some real debt relief.

More Information

For more information on the risks involved with CCC, click here to read Credit Counseling, an article that appeared in the Fall 2003 issue of the National Consumer Law Center's newsletter, Outlook. (This article is available through the permission of the NCLC; copyright 2003 National Consumer Law Center).

It may be helpful for you to come up with some hard numbers that tell you how much you are spending, as this process could help you decide whether you should pay off your debt or save that money and file with us.
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